Challenge Ciclista A Mallorca - Race Overview


Following a January training camp in Majorca, ORICA-GreenEDGE will line up for the Challenge Majorca in early February. Often referred to as a stage race, the Challenge Majorca includes four single day races with no cumulative results. The team brings 12 riders and may start any combination of 8-10 riders for each of the four days of racing. 

“We want to race hard every day. We’re here for development, training and helping our riders gain the form they need for the goals to come. We want to pull off a result on the first day. On the other days, it’s about racing hard. If that produces a result in the process, that’s obviously a good thing, but the main goal is to race as hard as we can. We’re staying two extra days beyond the final race day, so this is a six day block for us. Our clear objective is to come out of the six days better than we went into them.” - Sport Director Neil Stephens