Tour of Chongming Island World Cup - Race Overview

Jessie MacLean (@aussiejessmac) captured the sentiment of ORICA-AIS in a post-race tweet: “I feel like we were invited to the party but kicked out before the music started.” The Chongming Island World Cup ended in calamity after the peloton took a wrong turn 1.2 kilometres from the finish line. With a lone leader up the road, the bunch was left to race for second place as a result of the error.

Emma Johansson took third in the field sprint, good for fourth overall. The Swede jumped up to second in the World Cup standings, 72 points behind World Cup leader Marianne Vos (Rabobank) who elected not to race in China. 

"Three hundred metres past the intersection, the peloton rode into bunting across the road. They were forced to come to a complete stop as were all the team cars that had followed them. We could see spectators looking on the main side of the road and quickly realised that we had been misdirected. By that time, Riabchenko was steaming along in the correct direction and that was it. The win had gone up the road because of a silly mistake." - DS Dave McPartland